LeadSmart Product Overview

LeadSmart Pro is the #1 full featured CRM and Sales Force Automation tool combining lead management, pipeline management and an optimized CRM interface that combines workflows and best practices into a single simplified system.

Additionally, LeadSmart Pro integrates a full marketing automation system into the product suite. The LeadSmart Pro Marketing Automation system combines sales lead development, engagement tracking, plus lead scoring and nurturing.

LeadSmart Pro also features a world class channel collaboration system allowing companies to manage cross channel activity while providing email-based lead summaries and channel partner notifications.  LeadSmart is able to accomplish all of these feats while still being a price performance leader.

Here’s why you should consider LeadSmart as the #1 CRM tool for your growing business.

  1. Full Featured CRM and SFA Capabilities
  2. Optimized CRM Interface, Workflows and User Experience
  3. Integrated Marketing Automation – Turn leads into “sales ready” opportunities
  4. Channel Collaboration – Collaborate with your external sales partners and channel for no extra cost.  
  5. Price Performance Leader

LeadSmart CRM
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